Real estate social media marketing

Top social media marketing tips & activities for real estate agents

Social media can some times feel like a burden, mainly due to the fact that agents feel like they need to be doing it but don’t have the time to do it affectively. In this blog article we cover tools & processes which can help improve your result and save you over 90% of your time to do it.

Overview of topics

Using tools to improve your process & results

Agents & agencies using automation tools save time, cost, resources which enables them to run more efficiently. Below are some examples of manual processes vs automation by


Creating listings graphics automatically using


Creating listing graphics manually, using canvas style editors.

Using ads to improve your results

Benefits to utilising ads include; 


Automatic boosting using


Boosting using FB ‘Boost’ button

FAQ: Whats the difference between you just pressing 'boost' & dripflow's method?

ANSWER: #1 Dripflow uses the longitude & latitude of the property address & radius. #2 Dripflow automates the whole process.

Content planning & scheduling


Public holidays

Schedule public holiday posts in advance. 


Here are all the major holidays via state:


You can also get free images from: &


TIP: Use dripflow’s unlimited custom posting & scheduling feature.

Call to action posts

Schedule call to action posts to post once every fortnight.


Use free images from: &


TIP: Use dripflow’s unlimited custom posting & scheduling feature.

Team & Company Culture

Something fresh happening within the business? Use dripflow’s custom posting & scheduling tool to let your followers know.


#1 Upload an image

#2 Write your text & add emojis. 

#3 Post or schedule


Ideas for posts:

How much does it cost?

We have plans starting from Free and they range up depending on the features and amount of listings you have on a monthly basis. Most popular plan is $99/month + GST, which we also offer on a 14 day free trial basis. To find out more about the plans, see our pricing page here:


Just a quick reminder that is currently under planned maintenance. Some features may not be available during this process.

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