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Dripflow is an all-in-one social media marketing suite for real estate agents

Automatic Posting To Social

Automate posting of your property listings to social media. The frequency of posting can be controlled & delivered via drip feed (posting during certain times of the day) or accelerated (posted as soon as they arrive).

+ Create and schedule custom posts

Automatic Graphics

Pick & customise dynamic templates & graphics will automatically create for each listing. Graphics will create in story and feed dimensions. Review data is pulled from your Facebook & Google page & review graphics are available for you to download & share.

Automatic Video Creation

Videos automatically create as soon as you publish them in your CRM. Videos contain property info, images, branding, logo & contact info.​

Automatic Property Websites

Automate creation of property micro sites, created super quick with property images & info + agent/agency branding, colours, contact info & lead gen forms.

Ads Module

Automatic Boosting 


Anytime you publish a listings in your CRM, Dripflow will automatically boost it to a predefined audience of your choice, including smart targeting like km radius from the properties address and more! Improve your results and the reach of your brand to a wider geographical area, without lifting a finger.


Lead Generation Campaigns – Lead Magnet


Have a suburb report or something of value you wish to share with people in exchange for their contact details? Dripflow will create the landing page, the lead form, the ad and graphic for you with 4 clicks. Set a budget and pick and audience, and you’re ready to rock!

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