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Main features

Dripflow is an all-in-one social media marketing suite for real estate agents

Automatic Posting To Social

Automate posting of your property listings to social media. The frequency of posting can be controlled & delivered via drip feed (posting during certain times of the day) or accelerated (posted as soon as they arrive).


Ads & Lead Generation

Set your preferred budget per listing,  campaign duration, KM radius from property address & audience. Dripflow will use this to automatically boost your just listed, sold, for lease & leased posts.


Run lead magnet campaigns with 4 clicks. Upload a PDF (e.g Suburb reports, market updates) and dripflow will create the landing page with a lead form, the ad & image in a few clicks. 


Automatic Graphics

Pick & customise dynamic templates & graphics will automatically create for each listing. Graphics will create in story and feed dimensions. Review data is pulled from your Facebook & Google page & review graphics are available for you to download & share.

Automatic Video Creation

Videos automatically create as soon as you publish them in your CRM. Videos contain property info, images, branding, logo, contact info & your choice of music.

Automatic Property Websites

Automate creation of property micro sites, created super quick with property images & info + agent/agency branding, colours, contact info & lead gen forms.

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