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Facebook real estate listings app

A new way to get your listings live on to Facebook!

A few years ago, the hottest Facebook craze for real estate agents was to install an app that created tabs and allowed users to view properties straight from the agent’s profile. Facebook then implemented a rule which meant only profiles with over 2000 followers could have tabs, which cut a lot of agent pages out of the picture. 


Dripflow.io has now created a Facebook real estate app which works in a much better way. Our platform connects to a users CRM system to gain access to the listing data. From there you can set up the app to post and re-post at your preference. 


You now have the ability to post and re-post as a Gallery and as a video. It’s automatic and absolutely hands free. Set it up once and you can rest assured that your listings will be posted on time so they can get the exposure they deserve.



Check out this example:

Why should you use our Real Estate Facebook App?

  • Save time - Everything happens automatically in the background. As soon as you enter the property data into your CRM, dripflow is at work creating and posting your media.
  • Create a safety net - Agents are busy people, the less admin / manual work you need to do, the more time you can spend focusing drumming up new business.
  • Generate more interest from your followers, gain additional insight into video views using analytics.
  • Use videos & Galleries made by dripflow to create ads.
  • Download videos and share on other platforms and with perspective buyers.

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