Dripflow.io integrates with VaultRE & MyDesktop

Update OCT 2021: Dripflow no longer supports ‘MyDesktop’ CRM, we recommend for all MyDesktop users to upgrade to VaultRE.

Dripflow.io has announced advanced integration with VaultRE and MyDesktop, to bring CRM users a range of incredible features, including video creation and automatic posting to Facebook.


A real estate based software that allows users to automatically create videos with all images and information about a property as soon as they enter it into the CRM, Dripflow.io is opening up to current users of VaultRE and MyDesktop. Users of these software programs can now set up an account with Dripflow.io and sync their properties in a manner of minutes.


Once the properties are synced, videos are automatically created for all live listings, uploaded to YouTube and then pushed back to the CRM system.


From there, the videos are pushed to all portals in which the user is connected, including realestate.com.au, domain.com.au, their personal agent websites and more.

What can dripflow.io do for VaultRE & MyDesktop users?

Dripflow.io founder Alexandre Alekhin says that based on their research, real estate agents are extremely time poor and this is guaranteed to help them create better, and faster, listings.

Alex Alekhin

Founder of dripflow.io

For real estate agents, their main focus is dealing with vendors in order to help them achieve their goals of selling their property. Dripflow.io provides an instant ROI by giving time back to the agents.

Alekhin says Dripflow.io brings a unique approach to a traditionally manual process.

Once an agent inputs a new property into their CRM dripflow.io will automatically create property videos and post their properties to social media without the need for the agent to lift a finger. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up an account. Dripflow.io can save an agency on average of 30 hours per month.

According to user Ivana Robinson from Boka Real Estate, Dripflow.io is simple to use and effective.

Ivana Robinson


Dripflow.io is a great app, it was super simple to set up. It took only a few seconds to import all my properties from my CRM VaultRE. One feature that caught my eye was that it created videos for all my listings and pushed it to realestate.com.au, which is a really good way to engage potential buyers.

User Andrew Diadyk has been using Dropflow.io for a while now and says it’s a massive help to his business.

Andrew Diadyk


I'm extremely busy trying to drum up new business and posting listings to Facebook is one of these things that is always in the back of my mind, 'Need to get this one live on Facebook'. But the reality is, as more opportunities pop up, I am always dealing with vendors face to face and posting to Facebook gets pushed down the list.

Having an app that not only tackles this but also creates videos is an absolute gem. It's saving me multiple hours per week and I strongly recommend this to any agent or agency who wants to claw back some time and also to make sure they stay active on social.

If you want to find out more, visit the Dripflow website and get in touch with the Dripflow team.


Just a quick reminder that Dripflow.io is currently under planned maintenance. Some features may not be available during this process.

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