Apple iPhone – changing HEIC to JPEG

Having issues uploading your files from your iPhone to your CRM or other places?

This could because your phone is set to use the new HEIC format.

If you’d like to change the settings of your iPhone so that it uses compatible formats such as  JPG / JPEG follow these instructions.

1. Go to Settings > Camera.

2. Tap Formats.

3. Tap Most Compatible. This setting is available only on devices that can capture media in HEIF or HEVC format, and only when using iOS 11 or later.

4. All new photos and videos will now use JPEG or H.264 format. To return to using the space-saving HEIF and HEVC formats, choose High Efficiency.

Note: If you email your photos, they should send as JPEG.

If you have HEIC files that you’d like to manually convert to JPG, you can use free tools such as:


Just a quick reminder that is currently under planned maintenance. Some features may not be available during this process.

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